My name is Dag.|I'm a developer.|This is my portfolio.

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I created an open source project for building memorial websites with django.

I created djemember to make it easier to build dynamic memorial websides that allow friends and family to privately share pictures and memories and together create a timeline of loving memories, without giving up control of the data.

Python Django Bulma Sass

Absolute Mute

I built an audio-plugin that is just a giant mute-button.

Why, you ask? Well, to poke fun at skeuomorphism and the way audio software is being marketed but also because it's kind of cool (it's actually not completely useless) and, of course, for the learning experience.

C++ Juce Blender


I built a resolution independent GUI library for MonoGame.

Using a multi-channel signed distance field font, math and shader code to draw controls to the screen. This means no need for creating and loading textures for basic controls. I made it open source check it out.

C# HLSL MonoGame


I built a simple and lightweigt custom CMS with php and mySQL.

I then used it to build edoctum.se for Edoctum datautbildning.

php mySQL Bulma Sass


I built a simple math game for practicing my arithmetic.

I built it using C++ and Juce and succefully compiled it for Windows, macOS, Android and iOS the android build is available here.

C++ Juce